Online Banking

About Online Banking

As much as we like to see you personally in our office, we know that is not always convenient for you. Online Banking from Benchmark Bank is the fastest, easiest and safest way to manage your accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from anywhere you access the Internet.

Online Bill Pay

Take some of the hassle out of paying bills with Benchmark’s bill pay site. It’s easy, quick and secure. Pay a few or all of your bills each month. We may not be able to save you from bills, but we can at least save you the cost of checks and stamps each month. Click the image at right to get started.

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Online Banking Security

Benchmark offers a high level of security authentication which is designed to help keep you safe from online predators. Each time you log in to Online Banking you will see a green bar in your URL line which indicates that the website is valid and secure and that you are safe to enter the site. If you are not on your registered private computer, then you will be asked a security question only you know before you will be able type your password. These steps allow you to confirm that you are accessing the banks website and not a phishing or pharming website. If you do not see the green URL bar,  do not enter your password or other identifying information. Call the bank immediately at 614-269-4400 for further assistance.

For more information on identity theft by phishing and pharming, see our Consumer Protection Resources page.