Kids’ Banking

Benchmark Bank has something just for our younger customers: BBjr. The BBjr. Savings Account is only for our customers who are 0-17 years of age. With your parents’ permission (or grandparents’, or guardian’s) you can open your own BBjr. account with as little as $5. Deposit any amount into your account after that. Plus, your parents can use online banking to teach you how to track your savings and interest earned. It’s easy to save for something special with BBjr.

  • $5 minimum to open account
  • Deposit any amount at any time
  • No fees
  • Access to online banking and E-statements
  • Withdrawals with parent/guardian signature
Kids Banking

Why Should I Save?

You know that mom and dad don’t always say “yes” when you ask for something. So, if there is something special you can’t afford then save up your own money for it. Learning to save even a small portion of your money also means you’ll have it for emergencies like when your iPod stops working!

  • Earning Money – The older you get the more you will want your own money to spend on things you want. To get it you’ll have to do some chores, get an allowance or possibly a job.
  • Growing Your Money – When you deposit your money in a BBjr account, Benchmark Bank will pay you interest. This will help you reach your savings goals faster. Interest is like a bonus for doing a good job saving money.
  • Sharing Your Money – It’s fun to spend your money on the things you want, but sometimes sharing you money with someone who needs extra help makes you feel good too. A local food pantry, your church, a fundraiser at your school or any other cause that’s important to you are always happy to receive any amount you want to share.