Lost or Stolen ATM, Debit, or Credit Cards

If your Benchmark Bank ATM, Debit, or Credit Card is missing and presumed lost or stolen, it is important to call us as quickly as possible so we may deactivate the card.

Lost or Stolen Debit or ATM Card

During business hours, call 614-269-4400
After business hours, call 800-472-3272

Card Activation and PIN Changes

Call 800-992-3808

Lost or Stolen Credit Card

During business hours, call 614-269-4400
After business hours:
For consumer cards, call 800-558-3424
For business cards, call 866-552-8855

Protecting your ATM, Debit, or Credit Card

The following tips from the www.ftc.gov website can be helpful in protecting your debit and credit cards:

  • Be cautious about disclosing your account number over the phone or internet unless you know you’re dealing with a reputable company.
  • Cut up old cards – cutting through the account number – before disposing of them.
  • Open monthly statements promptly and compare them with your receipts.
  • Carry only those cards that you anticipate you’ll need.
  • Don’t carry your PIN in your wallet or purse or write it on your ATM or debit card.
  • Never write your PIN on the outside of a deposit slip, an envelope, or other papers that could be easily lost or seen.